I Love Roti Prata

One of my favourite foods is roti prata. Many people love to add toppings to the prata but I prefer it plain, not even with egg. Same goes for any other food, originality is the best. There is this saying that you can tell the skill of the chef by tasting the simplest food and I agree with it totally.

I cannot deny those roti prata with toppings can be very nice. There are eggs, ice-cream, chocolate, cheese, banana, onion and others which can really spike up your appetite. After all, they just taste different from plain roti prata and I would consider them as different type of food.

It was my first visit to Mr Prata at Evans Road (Near CCAB) almost two days ago. Their roti prata was nice and I tried their French prata (banana with nutella), which was excellent as well. However, it was a pity that their ordering system was not good yet. They brought wrong orders to our table and even missed out my egg prata.

I still love plain roti prata the best and I’m destined to spend less money from others.

Please remember to check your receipts at the end of the day, especially when you go in huge group, at any prata shop, because they have the tendency to add extra items to the bill.

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