Filming at Funeral, Volleyball and Supper

Last Saturday, I was “tricked” to go down to MediaCorp earlier. CC called me at around 11am and told me to be there by 12pm. In order not to waste time, I even chased after the bus for nearly a stop. In the end, I waited there for more than two hours in the rain.

We were at Xinmin for a “funeral” in the new show “新加坡屋顶下” (Singapore’s Under Roof). It was pretty disappointing for most of the actors and actresses were old people and Fiona Xie was not involved in the scenes; I teased my friends that I would help them to look at her since they could not get to see her, even though I was interested nor idol-crazy. The two biggest shots around were Huang Wenyong and Chen Liping but they did not carry any air.

The uncle who acted as a monk was very impressive and he could even chant so causally. Another Indian guy was acting as “Kumar” and he could speak some simple mandarin and that was cool. I got to know Sara and she was very experienced as a part-timer, however, she spent most of the time indulging in her mobile phone game.

The producer was plump and fierce but I believed he was very professional. There were many NGs and I waited so long for my scene until I was given a very old unworkable camera, which was a big turn-off. Basically, I was just the photographer besides the reporter at a funeral and my face would most probably not be shown much with the large crowd squeezing into the camera.

Sara corrected me that they actually paid part-timers thirty bucks for working less than ten hours and not six hours; and if working hours were to stretch longer than that, they would only give extra ten bucks. The pay was actually so pathetic and I supposed I have to think thrice before accepting anymore project in future, depending on the amount of time required.

I was quite lucky that Sara stayed at Clementi and she told me bus 52 might reach the nearest bus-stop to Clementi ITE, otherwise I might have taken bus 165, which would take much longer time and I had to stop at Clementi bus-interchange. We took the bus together.

“Volleyballing” was pretty bad with my knee problem; it was more of the vein under my right knee giving me the aching and refusing me to jump normally to get my timing correct. I played as setter for the first set with Stephen and Mingfa’s students in my sprained fingers, and we lost quite badly. Later on, I got to play with my team-mates but I was unable to jump well…

Wilson sent Weitat home to fetch his dad’s car before coming back. Then, I took Wilson’s car and we went to fetch Ruoci before going to Bedok 85. The drinks stall uncle was so eager to get our business but he was so stubborn and stupid in arranging the tables; it was simply shifting one table to join the existing two joint tables but he preferred to move the couple to the loner. I was so worried that Wilson would start quarrelling with him and actually, I preferred to take a few of the separated grounded tables and buy drinks from other stalls. I was not sure if this old man was from the same stall as the old “ah lian” who gave me almost the same problem months back, but it definitely made dining there a nuisance.

On the way home, we travelled by KPE and it was quite exciting when the back cars tried to overtake us when Wilson was maintaining the speed limit at 70km/h well. The cars had definitely sped up to a bit more than 80km/h but the cameras seemed too tired to do their jobs.

I was very stunned when Wilson missed the exit to Keppel road at ECP because his memory was very good and I did not realise he would forget my existence and wanted to go to the west immediately. In the end, he had to make a U-turn after the next exit.

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