Free Pizza during Filming

As expected, I could not doze off easily again. Even at 4am when Jenrine SMSed me, I could get up to switch on my computer for her without any hesitation.

This time, I met a designer and a singer while waiting for the arrival of the bus. I was shocked when I received two sets of clothes from the wardrobe because I knew I could never leave early. Tiredness had overwhelmed me and I pinned my head on the table. One thing that I found it so cute was to receive my scripts in an envelope with my name written nicely.

Monica called me to ask me to film for a show the next morning together with Yao Yishan and Dawn Yeo but that was really early and I did not want to waste any buck on cab. Moreover, I thought I had to go down to ITE Clementi personally to submit my resume, which Jingkun later told me he could help me to print it out. I was quite tempted to film since it was inside a kitchen, which was a new experience and I had this feeling that the people for that show were very nice somehow. After all, I felt guilty for rejecting Monica.

The same bus took everyone to the same funeral place at Xinmin like last Saturday. It started to rain immediately and all of us had to wait for the rain to stop before we got started. There was no big shot around and I only knew Mo Xiao Ling. Since the scenes were funny, the atmosphere was quite good.

I quite liked the botak producer as he did not show any temper. One of the uncles among the prop staffs was quite friendly to me, whereas the rest of them did not really bother to chat with the part-timers. I preferred making friends with such person than any super star.

I was given very old video camera to pretend filming besides the reporters. It was pretty heavy and luckily I was able to withhold it when my body was weak. For a couple of times, they even decided not to show the camera in case the audience would realise it might not be working.

Another two part-timers arrived later, one acting as female reporter and she seemed to be quite experienced, whereas the male one, Vincent, acted as a HDB officer. The designer who got there together with me earlier left with the Mediacorp’s bus. I started chatting a lot with Vincent and we could click very well. I could have strike lottery for I got to eat a piece of Canadian pizza because such free lunch from Mediacorp was almost impossible!

The female reporter left after her scene since her boyfriend was there to pick her up. Both Vincent and I were sent off soon by the same bus. We chatted throughout the journey until my bus arrived. I could have gone up to the Annex building to meet up with Jesedy and her colleagues but I only got to read her SMS when I was halfway to the bus-stop.

To conclude, not all Vincents in this world are bad guys.

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