Boring Volleyball Games

It is impossible to play volleyball with some people who think highly of themselves. It is a game of six players on each side; if you like to play two persons’ game, go to the beach instead. You can jolly well go back to your previous team-mates and not spoiling other team’s fun.

When you get to see faces which do not seem to be interested on your side of the court after you repeatedly make merry around, do sense something is wrong.

My cough, sprained left finger, weird right shoulder and serious pull on my right leg have weakened me so much. I seriously wonder how much longer I can play on.

Anyway, the uncomfortable feeling of playing does not seem to go away; it could be due to lack of seriousness, too many unfamiliar faces or emerging of smaller groups.

Whatever the case, I suppose I should stick to my plan and focus on career instead.

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