Facts about Friends

We played with fewer people. It was just nice number but much quieter. People were either injured, overseas, studying or “chicken winging”.

I was so shocked because just one night ago, two over-packed cars of people were all so “steady” about playing together and on the very next day, they changed their minds.

We confirmed that Weitat was the prime factor for some people to go down and because he was not around, not everyone would stick with us till the end.

When I recalled how some people were too shy to join us in the past, how hard I had to persuade and they eventually found closer friends than me among us, it was pretty amazing.

Facts had proven that my instinct was accurate in the first place when some people were biased and some people’s words carried more weight. Seriously, it was not just pure luck that you were free for some friends; and it was just how much you wanted to see them or just one of them.

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