Filming with Fiona Xie and Dinner with Ben and Jesedy

It was a rainy day. I met the female “reporter” whom I saw a week ago. She was quite nice but a pity that our ages were too far apart and did not have endless topics to chat about. Fiona Xie was sitting in front of me on the packed bus and I was pretty disappointed that we had to travel to as far as Woodlands.

The scenes involved many extras to be walking around or purchasing stuffs at the pasar malam. Since Fiona’s Chinese was not as good as other celebrities, we were worried that the scenes would be delayed due to NGs; moreover, the scenes involved a lot of dialogues.

I was scared at first when our prediction seemed very true but it happened that after the first scene, things went pretty smooth. I hated the same old heavy video camera and this time, the impact on my right shoulder was great. The same botak producer was a nice guy, which was a blessing after all.

When we reached Fiona Xie to start the “filming” on her, the producer enlightened me that they would usually close one eye while using the video camera. It was kind of common sense in fact, and especially when I had experiences holding camera, but it slipped off my mind inevitably. It was not a working video camera and once I closed my left eye, I could see nothing with my right eye blocked by the view finder which was not showing anything at all. I totally knew nuts about how near I was supposed to lean forward and they even had to keep telling me to point the video camera more upwards. While waiting in between scenes, one of the young staffs offered me a chair and I was quite impressed by him for I did not expect him to treat part-timers this good.

I got almost an hour of rest time after my scenes were over because the bus was supposed to send everyone back. At the end of the day, the extras were surrounding Fiona Xie to take photos with her. I did not join in the fun; otherwise I could have shown off to everyone with the photos.

Back at MediaCorp, I went to the Annex Building to look for Jesedy. That was the second time I saw her. It was good to be able to meet up her colleagues who had talked over the phone with me before. Monica recognised me while I was still a distance away from them since she had seen my photos before.

Later on, I had some cold sweat while listening to Jesedy and Ben’s phone conversation. We waited very long for bus 93 and Jesedy decided to take a cab. We met up Ben at Vivo City and camped quite long at the Safari pet shop to look at dogs. After which, we had dinner at Food Republic. The couple knew well that I was jobless and insisted it was their treat.

Unlike other girls, Jesedy knew well Ben and I had not met up for ages and she gave us quality time to chat and gossip without interfering. I supposed she have it all planned since we met up at MediaCorp, otherwise, there might be a cold war after we departed.

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