Helps for New Smoking Site

It has been weeks since I started searching for an ideal domain name for my new “quit smoking” website. Many thanks to everyone who has helped in giving suggestions, especially people who took initiatives to approach me.

It has been a slow but good learning experience. The feature of the site is almost ready except for security problems which I have more to touch on. However, I really need the domain name to start focusing on some of the contents and design, which is killing my brain cells; I’m spending great efforts and I want it to be good.

I expect myself to be indulging in facts-finding in near future when the domain name is up.

This is a project to learn and practise on my database and SEO skill, but the main focus will be on helping smokers to quit smoking, through facts and communication within the site. It should not be my own but everyone’s project since everyone probably has at least a friend or relative who smokes.

It will be very much appreciated if more helps can be rendered. I need to get or know:
– Pictures related to smoking
– Useful websites related to smoking
– Creative ways to quit smoking
– Why people start smoking

Feel free to email me for other suggests as well.

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