New Job Interview

I’m going for interviewing soon on next Tuesday and seriously time is running out. Thanks to Jingkun anyway for speaking up for me because I hate throwing myself at others, selling my good points by myself. I did not even do it during my previous interview, which I still managed to get into that company anyway.

What has it got to do with time is running out? I believe I would get the job given the opportunity to allow Mr Peh to judge me on Saturdays and that they are really short of staffs. To get a job means that I would definitely have less time to do my own websites. I have two domain names waiting for me to nurture them and announce them to the internet world.

I’m slow with lots of distractions at home; but in the past two months, I have managed to get things started. There are just too many things for me to handle on this lonely path.

I’m more efficient with more immediate things coming in at the same time, such that I will not slack as much as now. However, when I begin my job, I have to study so hard at the same time in order to be a good lecturer, and I may not have the time to continue with my projects.

The guilt that I still owe Gilbert our website is piercing at me daily without fail.

But there is one thing I have learnt from Mike that we should not be rushing on things, and instead, do them to the best even when we are lagging behind others.

I’m hesitating at the “quit smoking” site for the contents because my main objectives are just the interactivity and I really need to move on. I need to focus on them for the next few days before I weigh the balance between outstanding and good job.

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