New Smoking Site Still in Development

I finally decided on the new domain name for my quit smoking website and bought it two days ago in the early morning. However, Mike’s webhost’s side had some problems and we could not create the webspace for the new domain. Luckily, the site was not really for launch at that point of time and thus I was not really frustrated. However, it gave me more doubts in the efficiency of the webhosting company because someone inside probably had an itchy hand since it was working fine a month back.

Anyway, after more than forty-eight hours, the development site is finally moved to the new domain name but it will not be announced until development phase is over.

I’m dead tired after the month of endurance in the loner track, having to do all the designing, programming, researching and testing myself. It is true that only I know what I really want but progress is far too strenuous and lonely. My initial plan is to learn programming but I do not want my effort to go into waste and thus the contents have to be solid. I cannot be the best but I can do my best.

There are ideas to make the site more interactive but more research and programming have to be done.

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