Filming of Yuan Zhi Hui

This Thursday’s filming began disastrous but it ended up perfectly fine.

First was the unexpected screaming from the SMRT bus driver regardless of reasons that I could not press the bell earlier. I managed to remain as gentleman by not debating, such that, I also managed to save the passengers from being delayed.

The filming was supposed to start earlier but nobody told the other part-timers including me. I managed to reach there on actual time though. I met the wardrobe auntie whom attended to me at my first time. She was extremely demanding and nagging. She was very unpleased that I did not bring my own formal wear since I knew my role already. It was ridiculous because nobody told me before that I had to use my own clothes as props. Anyway, I would prefer to use my own clothes but I had to go for volleyball right after that and that my bag was already big and heavy.

We were sent to a shophouse restaurant behind Nanyang Girls’ High (NYGH) and then brought to the inner dining area besides the kitchen. It was actually such a small place that I wondered how many customers they could attend to at one time.

The “biggest” celebrity around was Dawn Yeoh, Yao Yi Shan, whom Mingfa told me he had teased her when she was in secondary one, tying pony tails to school every day. She looked sweet with her hair tied but when I went to youtube on her video during her singing competition, I saw the difference; both were not ugly but I just preferred her current style. Hairstyle indeed made big difference.

It was supposed to be my first ever and only line but the producer removed most of the lines of the script and even changed it. However, she was a very nice and patient lady; you probably could learn stuffs from her, or at least, build up your confidence. I was quite relieved in the end because both Monica and Jesedy had warned me about her, and she was probably in a very good mood that day.

It was quite boring to have no line; there was no creativity involved. I did not really feel like going down anymore since part-timers had to put up with weird and ridiculous permanent staffs sometimes, and I could not see a bright future continuing. I could have spent the time doing websites at home. However, it was really good experience and also, I could make good friends since most of the part-timers were very friendly people, and sometimes I could get bonus like talking good permanent staffs. After all, I really loved to talk to nice people, and especially the types that I did not get to meet before.

Same like Fiona Xie, Dawn Yeoh thanked everyone after filming. You probably could judge the “arrogance” of the celebrities by this, such that very arrogant ones would not bother to say any pleasing words to raise the morale of the poor staffs including part-timers and extras.

I accidentally left my script and the receipt (or contract) paper on the wardrobe’s briefcase in the end and I felt quite fed up somehow.

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