I’m Attached

I’m attached to Clementi ITE for the next few months, for at most a year. It can be three or six months, but I think I would probably decide how long to stay depending on my own performance.

Playing volleyball will be easier and more often since Mingfa is coaching over there, and I probably will drop by every afternoon when there is training.

I’m worried about my websites. Hopefully I can “squeeze” out some free time in the college to persist on because I probably will not be able to do much at home after the long day.

I will probably try to stay at home more often especially the night before any working day. Friday and Saturday nights are precious then.

I actually slept right after midnight this morning and Da Zhang could be my witness because I last chatted with him in MSN. There were some possible reasons why I could doze off so early:
– mum was not home yet to make any noise
– mum was not home yet to switch on the dim light
– mum was not home yet to switch on the freezing and noisy air-conditioner
– I slept on the harder mattress
– I was a bit lack of sleep and was tired after the long day out
– I did not work on any website before sleeping

Hopefully, I can continue to doze off early every day.

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