Big Impact on Left Knee

It was a very tiring day. Having not enough sleep for couples of days in a row, I almost could not get up again. Blame it on my perseverance to continue with my “Quit Smoking” website that I spent some time working on it before going to sleep at 2am.

The feeling of not knowing the subject and yet have to teach the class strike me. I do not want to be looked down on. There are many things I want to learn but time plays a big part.

Volleyball was horrible. Jingkun and I had a little jog around Nanhua primary school and my shoes were wetted by the slippery and muddy ground because it rained earlier. During one of the games when I dived forward to save a drop ball, Stephen was on my left and in order to avoid banging onto the ground, my left knee hit the ground on the right side with a big impact. I stopped playing immediately and had to limp.

I dozed off by the side for some time and left immediately upon they called it a day.

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