Acting as Pro Setter

Playing volleyball on last Thursday and Saturday made great difference because of the people present. Since on every Saturday we were playing against the group of old ex Hwa Chong players, no outsider was invited and therefore my team’s members were those who I really considered as team-mates.

The difference between Mingfa and other setters is not just skill but opportunities. He will never fail to neglect any player on the court even though I have been letting him down with my injuries.

I do not really dare to play as setter because the entire team depends too much on the setter. Without good setting skill, all spikers can never perform to their standard. Another crucial thing is the distribution of the ball. I always hesitate when Mingfa asks me to set because I know my own limit.

Sadly, some guys think too highly of themselves and sell themselves as setters. Maybe they can deliver second ball silently, but they cannot place the ball to the correct spot. Some bastards will only give the ball to either the impressive players or those who are closer to them, and you probably will never get to touch the ball at all.

Other than Mingfa and Jingpeng, whoever is trying too hard to play as setter on every Thursday is never deem as a setter to me. I hate being a clown on the court. A spiker who only manages to get a ball once throughout the game when the other spikers are “down” is being insulted, especially when you know obviously the setter does not intend to give you any ball.

On many occasions, I really hate Thursdays even though it is supposed to be the most fun day when Mingfa is in full control of the court. Sometimes I rush down right after filming, I set aside my work or even reject my friends’ outing, and yet I get bad treatments from outsiders.

I may be quiet outside the court at times because I’m really tired, but that does not mean that I have no temper at all. I do not like to label name here because I believe in giving chances.

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