Big Arrow

I have not got the time to pick up the lessons’ stuffs and a big arrow shot at me. For the sake of money and experience, I will endure.

I do not wish to compare lives between similar salary holders. Some people are probably lucky but the most important is to be clear conscience and do what we are paid for.

At times, it can be quite tough when four people are sharing a desk. I’m given an old lousy laptop which will probably slow down my work and I do not really want to use it. Basically, there is no privacy or a space to work peacefully.

Anyway, the given project is a new module for NCT. It is the “first three months” course for ‘N’ level students who are entitled to go straight to Higher Nitec. I’m in charge of the Mathematics part.

The seven units are:

1. Arithmetic Calculations
Apply the use of the 4 operations, estimation, integer and laws of indices in arithmetic calculations.

2. Ratio and Proportion
Apply the principles of ratios and proportions to compute the required data for business transactions

3. Percentages and Discounts
Convert values to percentages and vice versa.

4. Mark-up and Margin
Compute the profit and loss of business transactions

5. Simple and Compound Interests
Compute simple and compound interests payable or receivable in business transactions

6. Statistical Calculations
Organise raw data into logical form and perform simple statistical calculations.

7. Statistical Charts and Diagrams
Draw statistical charts and diagrams based on given data.

If you have the time, message me for more detailed required of the topics.

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