Burning Soul for Money

I can become a fortune-teller. I predict it to be so true and deadline is extended. More touch up is supposed to be made then.

It is not my fault if my teammate does not send me his work. We are both being paid to work. Anyway, I realised last time temporary staffs could get paid fifty percent more than us. At least now I know we are not exceptionally paid higher than market.

We work to burn our souls and suffering till health level deceases; we work to find health problems to solve in future. This is not what I have expected in the first place. When I do not have the time to learn stuffs which I’m supposed to, and if I cannot do my prime job well, am I supposed to feel guilty?

There is a limit to everything. I cannot probably burn midnight oil daily though I can be definitely work harder than most people.

My dreams seem to be vanishing.

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