Crashing of Jobs

Because of the previous scene which I trimmed my hair a day before that, I took the trouble to trim my hair again a month after when I was on a tight schedule just for the next day’s filming. Usually, I would only trim my hair every couple of months.

On the actual day, Tuesday, they called me in the morning to say that the scene was postponed to the next week. They could not even give me an exact time.

That was really stupid. I took up the first scene when I was jobless and at that point of time I did not mind if they were fickle-minded because I could re-schedule my own time for doing my own websites.

And for the first scene, they made me go there earlier than scheduled time suddenly and I waited for around two and a half hour. I heard from those old part-timers that it was not so messy in the past.

The fact was that the lowly paid job could only fill at most three days per month and they should never expect me to give up my other job for them. It was not even half of what I had to give to my mum every month.

I did not expect them to drag for so long in the first place and since I did not want to break my promise to Jesedy, I already tried to go down on Tuesday.

If two scenes are supposed to be joined together, it is ridiculous to be dragged for so long. If you see spot the same actor growing pimples in the show after he travels from one place to another, which takes only a couple of seconds, you can conclude that the filming of the two scenes are done on very different days.

I have my own job and life and I cannot wait everyday for them to ring me up a day before the filming to inform me. If it crashes with my job, I would not know what to do. The worst thing is that some people will not understand my situation that I want to focus on my job but have no choice for just this once. It would be so sick having to explain to everyone again and again if they find out about my tight schedule.

One thing is that I would rather start working in my new job next year; I’m definitely not greedy for “easy” money to work in the month of their holidays. The reason I would want to start early is to learn more about everything to get prepared. But the project they give me makes me realise I should have insisted to start next year.

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