Diarrhoea, Giddy, Fever, Headache

It began with diarrhoea in the early morning, followed by giddiness. The weather was bad and I started to feel feverish, and soon headache arrived.

I was a superman because I continued to joke in my illness. If I did not mention, nobody would know I had been to the toilet for more than six times in a day.

It could be due to the breakfast or my stress over the project. My work was lightened nevertheless but it kept me in suspend and I wanted to know was it because they realised my work load was shit or because they started to doubt my capability.

Luckily, filming was postponed; otherwise I would probably be a dead man by evening.

I did not take my temperature but my head was hot. It was a tough struggle in the office with my spinning head. What was worse was that a blister was formed due to using of Jingkun’s laptop’s built-in mouse pad. That Fujitsu laptop’s button was so hard and I wondered why Jingkun loved to use it so much. My productivity dropped more than ninety percent while using it.

A house is a place where you can rest when you are sick; I seem to be homeless.

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