If The Pillars Are Gone, Leave Before the Building Falls

Months ago, I knew my departure would not make a difference but I left without hesitating.

We were all anticipating the downfall of the foolish management but realised they were too lucky to have two strong loyal pillars, holding on to the entire building to prevent it from falling. Regardless of attacks from tornadoes, lightning and hurricanes, they conducted their duties well and did more than what they were required to. New staffs came and left, but they believed management was not the reason to give up.

Before my departure, he gave me an advice that I should not be too impulsive in future. He meant well for me. I continued to idolise and worship him.

Now that he has decided to leave, I supposed there is no more reason for anyone to stay on anymore.

The most senior and responsible project manager who has been taking care of countless projects is leaving. The intelligent sales representative who has been winning big projects is leaving. Another two hardworking programmers who have been pushing themselves hard to meet clients’ demands are leaving as well.

The roofs do not offer any shading.
If the pillars are gone, leave before the building falls.

I miss the days we fought hard together for endless demands. Each of us devoted our time to help each other and offered smiles to lighten workload. The spirit of the entire team, regardless of departments, is the most forceful machine for production and success. We may not be elites, but we deliver demands.

Working together again with everyone is a dream too good to realise.

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