If The Pillars Are Gone, Leave Before the Building Falls

Months ago, I knew my departure would not make a difference but I left without hesitating.

We were all anticipating the downfall of the foolish management but realised they were too lucky to have two strong loyal pillars, holding on to the entire building to prevent it from falling. Regardless of attacks from tornadoes, lightning and hurricanes, they conducted their duties well and did more than what they were required to. New staffs came and left, but they believed management was not the reason to give up.

Before my departure, he gave me an advice that I should not be too impulsive in future. He meant well for me. I continued to idolise and worship him.

Now that he has decided to leave, I supposed there is no more reason for anyone to stay on anymore.

The most senior and responsible project manager who has been taking care of countless projects is leaving. The intelligent sales representative who has been winning big projects is leaving. Another two hardworking programmers who have been pushing themselves hard to meet clients’ demands are leaving as well.

The roofs do not offer any shading.
If the pillars are gone, leave before the building falls.

I miss the days we fought hard together for endless demands. Each of us devoted our time to help each other and offered smiles to lighten workload. The spirit of the entire team, regardless of departments, is the most forceful machine for production and success. We may not be elites, but we deliver demands.

Working together again with everyone is a dream too good to realise.

Simple Things Do Affect

I felt a pinch at my heart when my bottle of Meiji chocolate milk was finished up. That cost me thirty bucks during a grocery shopping with my mum. I loved to slip them bit by bit and I believed gobbling up nice food or drinks was not an enjoyment. I only had half a cup, diluted with normal milk, and the rest was finished up by my elder brother.

I felt another pinch when my younger brother confirmed that my Nokia N3120 was sold for donkey months ago. I got it for $180 during my NS days and was preparing to use it for reservice. The condition was superb under my gentle care, except for a few very minor tiny scratches at the back. I lent it to my younger brother who sold it for $75 and bought another one in bad condition for $55. He did not consult me at all. I would rather stick to the same phone who had accompanied me through my hard times.

Diarrhoea, Giddy, Fever, Headache

It began with diarrhoea in the early morning, followed by giddiness. The weather was bad and I started to feel feverish, and soon headache arrived.

I was a superman because I continued to joke in my illness. If I did not mention, nobody would know I had been to the toilet for more than six times in a day.

It could be due to the breakfast or my stress over the project. My work was lightened nevertheless but it kept me in suspend and I wanted to know was it because they realised my work load was shit or because they started to doubt my capability.

Luckily, filming was postponed; otherwise I would probably be a dead man by evening.

I did not take my temperature but my head was hot. It was a tough struggle in the office with my spinning head. What was worse was that a blister was formed due to using of Jingkun’s laptop’s built-in mouse pad. That Fujitsu laptop’s button was so hard and I wondered why Jingkun loved to use it so much. My productivity dropped more than ninety percent while using it.

A house is a place where you can rest when you are sick; I seem to be homeless.

A Special Thanks to Sally Ng

She taught me Excel in a day when she was busy. Her effort was commendable. She even explained everything clearly and thus I was able to understand everything better and faster.

I doubt everyone can really sacrifice like her, despite we have not known each other for long. It is definitely not her job scope.

A pity that I do not have the time to practise at home because of a project and that I’m using Office 2007, which the layouts make great difference.

Restriction of Blogging

In the past, blogging was a problem when it came to interaction with friends. You probably would not want to spell out what mistakes your friends had done in case they would get pissed off even if you were not trying to lecture them.

I did write everything truthfully and some people could have been pissed off.

When you grow older, and start working in an organisation or statuary board, the more you cannot disclose every part of your life; not even unbiased or indiscriminate stories.

I will endure my few months of isolation.

Thanks Jingkun for enlightening.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Students

This is the tips for preparing the new module.

But sorry, elementary mathematics to me is mostly about common sense. The tough part is of course about memorising the formulae.

I used to not practise mathematics when I was young but failed to get a grade lower than “A” each time. Due to careless mistakes, I often lacked of a mark to perfect.

Since common sense cannot be taught, it would be an insult to do it. Do I need to teach them simple things like how to count from 1 to 100 then?

My thinking is too different from others and that is why I am facing the problems. This project is a challenge and it is a greater challenge if I were the one doing it; and sadly, I have to do it.

How to prepare mathematics notes that are more interesting than communication skill notes? This is the greatest challenge.

If you have studied through education system in Singapore (not sure about other countries), you can see mathematics textbooks all about formulae, examples and quizzes. If you think so negatively about them and if you are so heroic, why don’t you feedback to MOE and take actions to improve them?

If you have been to any tuition centre that has stimulated your interest for mathematics, expect the materials to be developed by groups of experienced teachers over a long period of time; and not someone who has not done mathematics for eight years and even expecting him to complete the project, to make it very interesting, within three weeks with the first week occupied with other work.

I know I can come out with unique ideas at times, but creativeness cannot be rushed. This project is in fact quite interesting if given the sufficient timeframe. If I have the ability to do something within three weeks, give me four weeks’ timeframe and I will still deliver to you within three weeks. One issue is that I have my own expectation of the standard of my work which requires time.

Do you think I can reject the task? It is not about losing job or money but something more.

I did not mention about getting extra pay, why do you have to drag me in?

Just Parking for the Time Being

The rush is killing. The project has eaten up my private life. I never expect what others have told me can be so true, that I’m going to work so hard for the pay.

We live to sell our souls, to employers and government; we sell our freedom to money. We work hard each day to earn sufficient to last our days, but to realize there is not much improvement.

I am doing just like anyone out there to sell my time in return for the money, but I am only parking here temporary, to learn as much as I can.

All my websites are on pending list. This is not the correct way to upgrade myself.


A part of me has died long ago. The numbness, however, stops the loneliness from haunting me every second. It seems to be an aimless path but at least I’m moving, though not away from the torment.

We grow older to be sensible, to look at the world in a broader angle, and to realise some things cannot be forced.

The love refuses to die off.

Big Arrow

I have not got the time to pick up the lessons’ stuffs and a big arrow shot at me. For the sake of money and experience, I will endure.

I do not wish to compare lives between similar salary holders. Some people are probably lucky but the most important is to be clear conscience and do what we are paid for.

At times, it can be quite tough when four people are sharing a desk. I’m given an old lousy laptop which will probably slow down my work and I do not really want to use it. Basically, there is no privacy or a space to work peacefully.

Anyway, the given project is a new module for NCT. It is the “first three months” course for ‘N’ level students who are entitled to go straight to Higher Nitec. I’m in charge of the Mathematics part.

The seven units are:

1. Arithmetic Calculations
Apply the use of the 4 operations, estimation, integer and laws of indices in arithmetic calculations.

2. Ratio and Proportion
Apply the principles of ratios and proportions to compute the required data for business transactions

3. Percentages and Discounts
Convert values to percentages and vice versa.

4. Mark-up and Margin
Compute the profit and loss of business transactions

5. Simple and Compound Interests
Compute simple and compound interests payable or receivable in business transactions

6. Statistical Calculations
Organise raw data into logical form and perform simple statistical calculations.

7. Statistical Charts and Diagrams
Draw statistical charts and diagrams based on given data.

If you have the time, message me for more detailed required of the topics.

There is No Place Called Home

One of the greatest fears at home is when my younger brother brings his friends back to stay overnight.

I welcome visitors and so does my mum, and I’m sure all of us love that atmosphere, but it is impossible to adequate more people in the 3-room flat. One thing is that the visitors consist of both genders.

If you happened to see my MSN nick a couple of months back regarding the need to find a place to rent, that was when my younger brother brought his friends back and my elder brother’s girlfriend came as well. When both rooms were occupied, I had to sleep on the dirty and messy living room’s floor.

It is not about immatureness but the efforts to spare thoughts for people in your surroundings, and especially towards your family members.

Together with the daily irritation and distraction in the house, I feel like moving out at times. Of course, my financial situation does not allow. Frankly speaking, I cannot survive without my mum.

The house is left behind by my dad and none of us has worked for it; and thus I do not think any of us has the right to inherit it fully. I hope both my brothers are working towards getting their own houses in future like me, but meanwhile, spare more thoughts for all family members.

In fact, I’m always hoping that my flat will be enblocked so that we might be given a new flat with three bedrooms, but it seems impossible in near future because the government is still trying hard to upgrade the thirty years old flat and its surrounding area.

For those who own your own bedroom, please cherish your freedom and privacy, and your comfortable bed.