Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Students

This is the tips for preparing the new module.

But sorry, elementary mathematics to me is mostly about common sense. The tough part is of course about memorising the formulae.

I used to not practise mathematics when I was young but failed to get a grade lower than “A” each time. Due to careless mistakes, I often lacked of a mark to perfect.

Since common sense cannot be taught, it would be an insult to do it. Do I need to teach them simple things like how to count from 1 to 100 then?

My thinking is too different from others and that is why I am facing the problems. This project is a challenge and it is a greater challenge if I were the one doing it; and sadly, I have to do it.

How to prepare mathematics notes that are more interesting than communication skill notes? This is the greatest challenge.

If you have studied through education system in Singapore (not sure about other countries), you can see mathematics textbooks all about formulae, examples and quizzes. If you think so negatively about them and if you are so heroic, why don’t you feedback to MOE and take actions to improve them?

If you have been to any tuition centre that has stimulated your interest for mathematics, expect the materials to be developed by groups of experienced teachers over a long period of time; and not someone who has not done mathematics for eight years and even expecting him to complete the project, to make it very interesting, within three weeks with the first week occupied with other work.

I know I can come out with unique ideas at times, but creativeness cannot be rushed. This project is in fact quite interesting if given the sufficient timeframe. If I have the ability to do something within three weeks, give me four weeks’ timeframe and I will still deliver to you within three weeks. One issue is that I have my own expectation of the standard of my work which requires time.

Do you think I can reject the task? It is not about losing job or money but something more.

I did not mention about getting extra pay, why do you have to drag me in?

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