School has begun

Yesterday, I went to report to Clementi ITE for the interview. Jingkun did great help to assist me and guide me around. The department heads were super nice people. During the interview with Mr Peh, he was stricter than usual and that was admiring.

I followed Jingkun to his lessons and learnt how he conducted his classes. Later, Mingfa came to pick me up and drove me to the Clementi Posbank, where I got my Giro form stamped. While waiting at the car park for Mingfa to pick Weitat up, a fortune-teller approached me and luckily they came back in time. We went back to Clementi ITE to pick Jingkun up and Mingfa treated us to late lunch nearby. Together, we went back to the ITE. Since I did not bring along my sports gears, I stayed for a while to watch Mingfa and Weitat conduct training and left home together with Jingkun after a while.

I had problems sleeping at night again. I slept for less than four hours again. It was nice to meet the friendly cleaner at the door who offered to open the door for me since my access “card” was not ready. The department heads were too busy to attend to me and I followed Jingkun to class instead. I would probably have lunch together with him everyday unless our timetable crash.

I followed Mr Baey to his class after lunch and was quite shock that his class was supposed to prepare a debate and I was going to take over him after he left for course. I followed Jingkun again and this time to his Web Publishing class. Halfway through, I went down to make my staff room access “card”.

Mas was finally at the administration office after I missed him the day before and during lunch. However, he claimed that he could only help me with my key stick because the person in charge of the door access “card” was on leave. I was glad that Mdm Yip was around, and persuaded him to help me. He finally agreed to do it but claimed that he could not really remember the steps. Finally everything was done. Later, Kok Chiang told me Mas and his colleague loved to push responsibilities around and that explained why I was delayed. Anyway, Mr Baey was going on course for a few days and I had to stand in his class for Friday and Monday, and even do invigilation on behalf of him on Friday.

Since it was pouring heavily, Jingkun stayed in the classroom with his students and I almost dozed off a few times. We left the school together with Kok Chiang and Ah Teck at nearly 7pm. Parts of my shirt were soaked through even though I was carrying an umbrella. It was quite nice to be able to leave together even though it was late, except that it could be much better if Weitat and Mingli were around to join us.

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