Simple Things Do Affect

I felt a pinch at my heart when my bottle of Meiji chocolate milk was finished up. That cost me thirty bucks during a grocery shopping with my mum. I loved to slip them bit by bit and I believed gobbling up nice food or drinks was not an enjoyment. I only had half a cup, diluted with normal milk, and the rest was finished up by my elder brother.

I felt another pinch when my younger brother confirmed that my Nokia N3120 was sold for donkey months ago. I got it for $180 during my NS days and was preparing to use it for reservice. The condition was superb under my gentle care, except for a few very minor tiny scratches at the back. I lent it to my younger brother who sold it for $75 and bought another one in bad condition for $55. He did not consult me at all. I would rather stick to the same phone who had accompanied me through my hard times.

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