Small Spring Cleaning

My mum was complaining to me about how my elder brother threw temper at her for opening his letters without permission and even left them on the dining table. I started questioning her why did she have to do that when she could not even read English. It was definitely intrusion of privacy regardless of relationship, which was very disrespectful. Anyway, she left the letter opened on the messy table, which nobody would bother since that was the temporary graveyard of all unwanted letters.

My mum started packing up the table, which she had told me a few days ago she wanted to do it and dragged till this day. I joined in the “fun” to pack the messy shoes area and realised all of them except me, had many shoes. Those rich brats definitely would have more but considering my house was so small, it was amazing. All of them could never recall the shoes even if I were to dump them away.

There were four rows of spaces, which was just nice for my entire family. I allocated the top to my mum since she could not bend much, and basically the arrangement was in sequence of ages. I joined in other areas and many things were thrown but there were simply too many of them. In between, we had fights with ants and it was in fact one of my hobbies nowadays.

In the end was sweeping and mopping twice the areas from living room till kitchen. With my back problem, it was a tedious job; moreover, I was back from volleyball just a few hours ago. My mum had a special detergent which made the floor smooth and it was satisfying in the end. However, since my mum had been dripping water on the floor throughout, the sweeping process was not very smooth, and thus the mopping process was affected as well. I would probably do my own cleaning again when I was alone at home and wanted to take a break from my work.

Needless to say, the progress of my “Quit Smoking” website was affected badly and I was ashamed of myself for not touching it for the past few days due to volleyball and other distractions.

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