There is No Place Called Home

One of the greatest fears at home is when my younger brother brings his friends back to stay overnight.

I welcome visitors and so does my mum, and I’m sure all of us love that atmosphere, but it is impossible to adequate more people in the 3-room flat. One thing is that the visitors consist of both genders.

If you happened to see my MSN nick a couple of months back regarding the need to find a place to rent, that was when my younger brother brought his friends back and my elder brother’s girlfriend came as well. When both rooms were occupied, I had to sleep on the dirty and messy living room’s floor.

It is not about immatureness but the efforts to spare thoughts for people in your surroundings, and especially towards your family members.

Together with the daily irritation and distraction in the house, I feel like moving out at times. Of course, my financial situation does not allow. Frankly speaking, I cannot survive without my mum.

The house is left behind by my dad and none of us has worked for it; and thus I do not think any of us has the right to inherit it fully. I hope both my brothers are working towards getting their own houses in future like me, but meanwhile, spare more thoughts for all family members.

In fact, I’m always hoping that my flat will be enblocked so that we might be given a new flat with three bedrooms, but it seems impossible in near future because the government is still trying hard to upgrade the thirty years old flat and its surrounding area.

For those who own your own bedroom, please cherish your freedom and privacy, and your comfortable bed.

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