Year 2007 – The Year of Job Exploring

Year 2007 was a total new experience for me. I began the year as a property agent, continued from the previous couple of months. This period lay my poorest days for I did not get to receive my commission (pay) until months later. I gave up after almost half a year of trying for reasons:
– joined the wrong company
– received basic training only four months after joining
– met wrong “teachers”
– market is too corrupted for a naïve me
– too used to help people for free

It was a sad decision for the efforts I put in definitely deserved a much higher income; basically, I made less than a toilet cleaner. However, I managed to make use of the period of time to do up a website I also got to taste the hypocrisy of human beings, from fake people who indulged in the self assuming of being clear conscience.

Carol Ng was my benefactor to introduce me to a web design company, where I met the greatest souls on earth. Everyone tried so hard to stay for each other despite the not appreciating management. I learned little over there as Web Support and I did beyond my job scope. I left within four months together with some of them because I realised it was not worthwhile to sacrifice myself for people who were not unconcern.

I had a breakthrough in my web development. I managed to come out with a site that did give me some earnings for a couple of months before it died. With the money, I was able to get myself a new desktop, which I regretted badly for I could have chipped in more money for a laptop more convenient for a webmaster.

One of my new part-time jobs was filming at Mediacorp. It was thanks to Jesedy that I managed to gain this experience and know more about how filming was done. Each time, I got to make more new friends. However, it could only be a hobby and not permanent job.

I spent more than two months almost jobless, trying to learn PHP and MySQL on my own. The project was halted when I chanced upon a good opportunity as temporary lecturer. My first ever project for the school almost killed me, until the last day of the year, I was finally released.

Volleyball played a big part of my life as usual but my career path was never good. I started playing again a few months after my left calf operation to realise that I could never jump like the past. I lost my touch. The worst thing was when more injuries dragged me behind further.

Relationship began a downfall at the beginning of the year. However, it brought me to sense. My isolation from human beings worsened due to uncompleted projects.

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