Dinner Treat and Chinatown Tour

I almost forgot it was near Chinese New Year until they mentioned going to Chinatown.

I happened to chance upon Mingfa when he was on the way to Clementi ITE. I thought of having dinner with my gang and it seemed so coincident that the few of them were free. Somehow I was supposed to treat them to dinner after getting my first pay and it was such a good opportunity. Weitat even got to drive and five of us, inclusive of Mingfa, Jingkun and Mingli got to fit into the car comfortably. The dinner was actually so random.

Anyway, we went to a coffee shop called Hong Kong Street Chun Kee, located opposite Queensway Shopping Centre. We ordered some dishes to share but the food was not fantastic in any way.

A dinner was actually nothing compared to friendship and their kindness.

Definitely, they did not understand my concept of money management. My understanding of the difference between needs and wants was too great for anyone with an average or well-to-do family to apprehend. Money which had to be spent must be spent and temptation should be resisted. Whereas, sometimes money could buy a little happiness for people who worth it, and so, why not?

We dined in joy, beginning with some serious matters and towards the usual jokes soon. The night was joyous.

We proceeded to Chinatown and it seemed to take almost centuries to find a parking lot. We started strolling around and all of them, excluding Weitat, were “conned” to buy “Japanese Grass Cake”. However, Weitat was the one paying for Mingli. The lady started making merry around and soon, the plastic bags were getting heavily. A hundred gram cost nearly two bucks and we got plastic bags of two and three kilograms. Luckily for me, I did not have any attempt to buy at all since I was not interested in these enjoyments. Anyway, the price would drop tremendously at the last day of sales, which was the Midnight after Chinese New Year Eve.

It seemed boring with so many stalls selling same items. I was expecting more visitors but they actually made ways for us to move easier. We did not manage to cover the entire basar malam. I was quite disappointed that I did not get to see any interesting item other than food.

We took a little rest at the Food Street and hydrated ourselves. The guys took Wantan noodle at four bucks each. I missed some good shows on television!

Teachers and Education

In my opinion of a school, it should be teaching students not only knowledge but morale too. The latter is always the most important of all. An iterated person is someone with knowledge, and an educated person refers to someone who has both knowledge and moral. What we need is education for the future generation.

However, if a school is only looking for students who are wizards or saints, what is the purpose of attending the school? If a school gives up on students without trying, tear down the school please.

We always discuss about students’ attitudes. We are worried that in current education system, the students will not obey teachers since parents always side with their children. We only care too much about the behaviours and studies of the students, letting aside the fact of a greater issue.

We have to realise that teachers play a very big part in students’ future. A student will be more willingly to learn if her teacher treats her with respect. If you have a teacher who has been finding faults with you since the first day of school just because somehow she does not like your appearance, would you be nice or show respect to the teacher?

A teacher is supposed to set a good example for the students. Even if the teacher does not hold any qualification, as long as she is devoted to educate her students, with a kind and positive heart, she is more valuable than any professor.

A teacher should be more than magnanimous. A teacher should not destroy a student’s future by pinpointing and then chase her out of the school. In Singapore, if a student with poor grades cannot stay in an ITE, where do you expect her to go to? Without teachers taming her in the school, how bad will the girl become when she goes out to the working society? What kind of job can girl without any certificate get? What kind of friends will she be mixing with in future?

We just cannot avoid the fact that there are still many narrow-minded teachers in our society. Some teachers need to be sent for morale education and counselling. They are not fit to be addressed as teachers.

We are simply too short of teachers, but more short of teachers who really have the passion and devotion. Therefore, we raise the welfare of the teaching force to attract more people without thorough screening, but it ends up we are destroying our future generation.

The Money-Sucker Key-maker

Four persons were sharing a cabinet and there were only two pairs of keys. You could see how inconvenient it was when we had to keep our laptops.

Only until last week, I took the key from Jingkun to duplicate it.

Before I went to work the next morning, I went to the usual shop which sold clocks and watches as well. The uncle was actually my brother’s ex classmate’s father. He had moved away from my opposite block to a bigger house. He could not remember me and probably assume I was one of the office workers from Shenton Way.

I took out a two-dollar note and prepare to collect change from him. Halfway into making the duplicate key, suddenly he announced the price was three dollars. I got a shock out of my life because that was only a simple and normal key. Because I was in formal wear, he must have treated me as someone from other neighbourhood and thus, trying to take advantage of me.

It was probably too late to argue with him. The shop’s name was “Kai Jo”. I would call it a “black shop”. In fact, if I could have walk a few metres down to another electric appliances shop, which would certainly charge me much cheaper.

The weird thing was that this money-sucker even dared to advertise another shop of his, which was doing wedding preparation, and was located near Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Thanks to him for letting me know, so that I could condemn the shop as well.

Words Kill

Before you realise, you have already hurt so many people directly or indirectly. Words behind the person can be so damaging.

You probably have not understood the effects of your words. Each time you critic, you simply put the person into a bad situation. Looking at another angle, you are actually flattering yourself.

You never know you are so fearful.

You think you are always right; you never want to lose in an argument, not even a leisure conversation. If you think egg comes before hen, you will insist it till everyone’s saliva dries up and you win.

The world seems to be less boring with your presence, and laughers seem to be louder; but not many people realise that your voices are actually covering everyone’s lowered volumes.

Consecutive Days of Volleyball

After three consecutive days of volleyball, I was not yet totally drained, except that I was still lacking of sleep.

I quite enjoyed the first two days’ games except for a couple of sets when many people did not play properly. It was meaningless to fight hard to win a team of unfocused players.

The last day was absolutely boring when I did not really get to touch the ball. I almost could stroll around the court even when I was at the front row. You would usually see me serving the ball using underhand when my shoulder hurt, but this time I did not even want to waste my strength using overhead serve in the last few sets when I was still able.

Too Tired For Volleyball

Mingfa’s new students were cute. I was quite worried for none of them was really tall enough and it was a huge disadvantage. In fact, many of them were very small sized.

My right leg’s condition worsened yesterday. I realised my landing during spiking sometimes did help to prolong the pain. It was my own mistake but pretty inevitable for a short guy in some situations. I forgot to stretch my legs during warm-up anyway.

It was too dangerous to take a nap with so many newbies around and I tried sleeping behind the stage’s curtain but could not doze off.

There was a miscommunication with Yuanyuan and she was supposed to go down to collect her sweater, but ended up I had to bring it home since the office was locked at seven and I could not put it back. I probably should check my phone more often.

Michael Ong drove Mingfa down and hanged around to tease Weitat. While Mingfa’s B boys were at the car park, Michael had a very long talk with them there. Since we were lacking of players, we did not play proper games and with around four players on each side, it drained off energy fast.

In fact, I was already tired when Mingfa arrived since I went down early for the CCA. In order to set good example for the newbies, I did proper digging and bend my knees. With injuries, I could not hang on. Partly, it could be due to dehydration, because some people did not bother to bring their own water bottles down.

At the end of the night, I almost could not walk. Some of Mingfa’s students were lazy and selfish. Even when you asked them to help to keep the net which all of us had a part to use it, they pretended to be deaf. What were you trying to imply when your senior asked you over to help out other seniors, and you simply came over and stood besides the working parties to chat?

Or rather, I would say that none of them had initiative.

Even though human beings are not perfect, character is the most important factor; because even with knowledge, skill and wealth, you are nothing but a rascal without good character.

The Bastard Bosses

It simply hurts me whenever I open my MSN list to see depressive nicks of my ex comrades. It is not coincident but as a matter of fact that they are still working for the same heartless and selfish bosses.

If you have to work for more than fifteen hours everyday, given the contract you signed with them is only from nine to six, why would you want to continue?

Bosses always expect extra work, but there is always a limit to what a subordinate should contribute.

You burn your brain cells, you destroy your own body and the bastards simply watch and grumble that you have not done enough.

What will happen if you fall sick or even go into concussion? Will the bosses care about you? Will they be still giving you money every month to house you in the hospital? You get yourself shattered and they will find other innocent preys.

I have never heard of such ridiculous company.

If I were to be in the ministry of manpower, they would definitely be fined till bankruptcy, caned a million times and sentenced to life sentence.

People, please wake up. Leave immediately.

Mondays, Respect, Effort

I begin to hate Mondays. My day is so packed that I can hardly catch my breath. Of course, not to mention, many people have far worse schedule than me. My time management skill is too poor.

Nevertheless, I’m the most unlucky one perhaps for things always go wrong somehow. I can make efforts to dash or make some sacrifice but there are just too many things not within my control. I can raise my voice and offer myself sore throat, I can repeat every step a dozen times but not everyone would appreciate; perhaps, youngsters nowadays are too ignorant.

I hate the fact that some bitches do not show even a little respect to me despite I have been showering everyone with warmest smiles and sincere respect.

If you have a working brain, would you ask another person for permission when that person is not in charge of the event or room?

It simply shows what kind of character you have. Character is in fact more important than your knowledge. Whether you are a degree holder, a master or bachelor; without personality, you are simply a thrash, and in the worst case, a pest of the society.

I’m very certain and upright of my own philosophy in this case, that I would want to help everyone without affecting others. If you are working in a company, would you try to help your subordinates at the expense of another team’s welfare? Given a role like this, I would not only want my own team to do well, but also other teams as well, because everyone matters to the company’s success.

In case of a school, every student is important. It does not mean that a temporary lecturer’s class can be neglected.

I hate to see things go wrong. When students are supposed to study hard and learn as much as possible during lessons, they should not be wasting their time in class.

“Teachers open the doors, but it is up to the students to enter” – quoted from somewhere, it is absolutely meaningful.

I’m not good in my work but I always try my best and do more than others. I’m not good in verbal communication but I will try. I’m not good in my work but I try to learn.

What I recognise is effort because everyone has his own limit but effort does create miracle sometimes. I hope at least someone in this world can recognise mine.