Chalet With Ex Colleagues

I wanted to go to the chalet earlier to swim but my gang wanted to shop for Chinese New Year clothes. We met up at Queensway Shopping Centre and they were late for half an hour. In the end, none of them bought anything except me, who purchased a pouch at fourteen bucks.

My stomach was bloated again somehow due to indigestive of my late lunch. We went to Ikea near 6pm and took hotdog bun with drinks for a dollar seventy cents. We could have left for the chalet but they wanted to shop there, and I felt bad for not going earlier to help out in whatever I could. I took the chance to rest my stomach while trying out the sofas, chairs and beds and by the end of the trip, I got pretty fine. However, none of them purchased anything again.

We took bus 195 down to Queenstown MRT and after the train ride which I managed to doze off, we transferred to bus 354 from Pasir Ris bus interchange. It was already after nine. Meeting up with the rest of my ex colleagues was extremely nice. The smokers lighted up the cigarettes to keep mosquitoes away for the entire night. The remaining few of them who had still yet to tender were suffering under the disgusting management. All the working till morning three o’clock stories pierced me right at my heart, and the fact was none of them was appreciated. Three of the new staffs were locked in the office on this chilling Saturday night that they could not join us. How evil some bastards could be?

I did not talk much throughout the night. A sudden sadness struck me when some of them began leaving. I felt so lost somehow and I wished I can talk to them more. In the end, my gang left as well. We watched “Mummy” and I dozed off soon after that.

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