Dinner Treat and Chinatown Tour

I almost forgot it was near Chinese New Year until they mentioned going to Chinatown.

I happened to chance upon Mingfa when he was on the way to Clementi ITE. I thought of having dinner with my gang and it seemed so coincident that the few of them were free. Somehow I was supposed to treat them to dinner after getting my first pay and it was such a good opportunity. Weitat even got to drive and five of us, inclusive of Mingfa, Jingkun and Mingli got to fit into the car comfortably. The dinner was actually so random.

Anyway, we went to a coffee shop called Hong Kong Street Chun Kee, located opposite Queensway Shopping Centre. We ordered some dishes to share but the food was not fantastic in any way.

A dinner was actually nothing compared to friendship and their kindness.

Definitely, they did not understand my concept of money management. My understanding of the difference between needs and wants was too great for anyone with an average or well-to-do family to apprehend. Money which had to be spent must be spent and temptation should be resisted. Whereas, sometimes money could buy a little happiness for people who worth it, and so, why not?

We dined in joy, beginning with some serious matters and towards the usual jokes soon. The night was joyous.

We proceeded to Chinatown and it seemed to take almost centuries to find a parking lot. We started strolling around and all of them, excluding Weitat, were “conned” to buy “Japanese Grass Cake”. However, Weitat was the one paying for Mingli. The lady started making merry around and soon, the plastic bags were getting heavily. A hundred gram cost nearly two bucks and we got plastic bags of two and three kilograms. Luckily for me, I did not have any attempt to buy at all since I was not interested in these enjoyments. Anyway, the price would drop tremendously at the last day of sales, which was the Midnight after Chinese New Year Eve.

It seemed boring with so many stalls selling same items. I was expecting more visitors but they actually made ways for us to move easier. We did not manage to cover the entire basar malam. I was quite disappointed that I did not get to see any interesting item other than food.

We took a little rest at the Food Street and hydrated ourselves. The guys took Wantan noodle at four bucks each. I missed some good shows on television!

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