Forget Me Not

For those I still have your latest phone number, I have been sending you greeting messages on your birthday for the past donkey years.

I believe a simple message will help to lighten up your day. Even though not many people know my birthday, other than my volleyball gang, it does not really bother me. After all, we live to make others happy and we should not be yearning for any credit or rewards for things we do for others.

But for now, I’m sorry that I have been missing out some of your birthdays for the past few months. My body just cannot take it any longer and I’m always busy in front of the computer or dozing off like a soldier who just reaches home from a battle. I tend to forget to send the message.

This is part and parcel of life which most of us will eventually encounter. I fail to overcome because my time management skill is weak.

To people who have not yet started into the working life, please note that you may be busy right now with school work, you have to try to accomplish your dreams or self projects now, because in future, you will probably be even busier. You are expected to be committed in your work and it will not be the official eight to five or nine to six working hours stated in the contract for most of the jobs.

Nevertheless, I hope in some small corner of this busy and selfish world, some of you will still remember and think of me, despite the distance between us. I’m just too tired to talk at times.

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