Leg and Back Injuries

After so long, I finally managed to have a game of volleyball again. However, as usual, Saturday was very packed and I almost thought I could only step into the court once. We lost all the games by close margin. Jingkun was pissed off with one of the opponents who refused to admit that we had scored points for a couple of times. After all, this hatred for him was not simply built within a day.

My right leg’s condition had improved but it was not enough for me to jump properly as well. My backache stepped in and my left middle finger continued to hurt after two months.

Anyway, the improvement for my right leg could be due to the resuming of medication. I stopped taking the medicine since nearly two years ago because I was worried that too much of them would cause liver problems for me in future. I had been taking this tablet, which provided vitamin B12, daily after my first meal, hoping there would not be any side effect in future. If my condition continued to get better, it could be due to vein problem, and might be caused by my back problem.

One day, I might not be able to walk anymore.

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