Mondays, Respect, Effort

I begin to hate Mondays. My day is so packed that I can hardly catch my breath. Of course, not to mention, many people have far worse schedule than me. My time management skill is too poor.

Nevertheless, I’m the most unlucky one perhaps for things always go wrong somehow. I can make efforts to dash or make some sacrifice but there are just too many things not within my control. I can raise my voice and offer myself sore throat, I can repeat every step a dozen times but not everyone would appreciate; perhaps, youngsters nowadays are too ignorant.

I hate the fact that some bitches do not show even a little respect to me despite I have been showering everyone with warmest smiles and sincere respect.

If you have a working brain, would you ask another person for permission when that person is not in charge of the event or room?

It simply shows what kind of character you have. Character is in fact more important than your knowledge. Whether you are a degree holder, a master or bachelor; without personality, you are simply a thrash, and in the worst case, a pest of the society.

I’m very certain and upright of my own philosophy in this case, that I would want to help everyone without affecting others. If you are working in a company, would you try to help your subordinates at the expense of another team’s welfare? Given a role like this, I would not only want my own team to do well, but also other teams as well, because everyone matters to the company’s success.

In case of a school, every student is important. It does not mean that a temporary lecturer’s class can be neglected.

I hate to see things go wrong. When students are supposed to study hard and learn as much as possible during lessons, they should not be wasting their time in class.

“Teachers open the doors, but it is up to the students to enter” – quoted from somewhere, it is absolutely meaningful.

I’m not good in my work but I always try my best and do more than others. I’m not good in verbal communication but I will try. I’m not good in my work but I try to learn.

What I recognise is effort because everyone has his own limit but effort does create miracle sometimes. I hope at least someone in this world can recognise mine.

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