Teachers and Education

In my opinion of a school, it should be teaching students not only knowledge but morale too. The latter is always the most important of all. An iterated person is someone with knowledge, and an educated person refers to someone who has both knowledge and moral. What we need is education for the future generation.

However, if a school is only looking for students who are wizards or saints, what is the purpose of attending the school? If a school gives up on students without trying, tear down the school please.

We always discuss about students’ attitudes. We are worried that in current education system, the students will not obey teachers since parents always side with their children. We only care too much about the behaviours and studies of the students, letting aside the fact of a greater issue.

We have to realise that teachers play a very big part in students’ future. A student will be more willingly to learn if her teacher treats her with respect. If you have a teacher who has been finding faults with you since the first day of school just because somehow she does not like your appearance, would you be nice or show respect to the teacher?

A teacher is supposed to set a good example for the students. Even if the teacher does not hold any qualification, as long as she is devoted to educate her students, with a kind and positive heart, she is more valuable than any professor.

A teacher should be more than magnanimous. A teacher should not destroy a student’s future by pinpointing and then chase her out of the school. In Singapore, if a student with poor grades cannot stay in an ITE, where do you expect her to go to? Without teachers taming her in the school, how bad will the girl become when she goes out to the working society? What kind of job can girl without any certificate get? What kind of friends will she be mixing with in future?

We just cannot avoid the fact that there are still many narrow-minded teachers in our society. Some teachers need to be sent for morale education and counselling. They are not fit to be addressed as teachers.

We are simply too short of teachers, but more short of teachers who really have the passion and devotion. Therefore, we raise the welfare of the teaching force to attract more people without thorough screening, but it ends up we are destroying our future generation.

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