The Bastard Bosses

It simply hurts me whenever I open my MSN list to see depressive nicks of my ex comrades. It is not coincident but as a matter of fact that they are still working for the same heartless and selfish bosses.

If you have to work for more than fifteen hours everyday, given the contract you signed with them is only from nine to six, why would you want to continue?

Bosses always expect extra work, but there is always a limit to what a subordinate should contribute.

You burn your brain cells, you destroy your own body and the bastards simply watch and grumble that you have not done enough.

What will happen if you fall sick or even go into concussion? Will the bosses care about you? Will they be still giving you money every month to house you in the hospital? You get yourself shattered and they will find other innocent preys.

I have never heard of such ridiculous company.

If I were to be in the ministry of manpower, they would definitely be fined till bankruptcy, caned a million times and sentenced to life sentence.

People, please wake up. Leave immediately.

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