The Money-Sucker Key-maker

Four persons were sharing a cabinet and there were only two pairs of keys. You could see how inconvenient it was when we had to keep our laptops.

Only until last week, I took the key from Jingkun to duplicate it.

Before I went to work the next morning, I went to the usual shop which sold clocks and watches as well. The uncle was actually my brother’s ex classmate’s father. He had moved away from my opposite block to a bigger house. He could not remember me and probably assume I was one of the office workers from Shenton Way.

I took out a two-dollar note and prepare to collect change from him. Halfway into making the duplicate key, suddenly he announced the price was three dollars. I got a shock out of my life because that was only a simple and normal key. Because I was in formal wear, he must have treated me as someone from other neighbourhood and thus, trying to take advantage of me.

It was probably too late to argue with him. The shop’s name was “Kai Jo”. I would call it a “black shop”. In fact, if I could have walk a few metres down to another electric appliances shop, which would certainly charge me much cheaper.

The weird thing was that this money-sucker even dared to advertise another shop of his, which was doing wedding preparation, and was located near Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Thanks to him for letting me know, so that I could condemn the shop as well.

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