Too Tired For Volleyball

Mingfa’s new students were cute. I was quite worried for none of them was really tall enough and it was a huge disadvantage. In fact, many of them were very small sized.

My right leg’s condition worsened yesterday. I realised my landing during spiking sometimes did help to prolong the pain. It was my own mistake but pretty inevitable for a short guy in some situations. I forgot to stretch my legs during warm-up anyway.

It was too dangerous to take a nap with so many newbies around and I tried sleeping behind the stage’s curtain but could not doze off.

There was a miscommunication with Yuanyuan and she was supposed to go down to collect her sweater, but ended up I had to bring it home since the office was locked at seven and I could not put it back. I probably should check my phone more often.

Michael Ong drove Mingfa down and hanged around to tease Weitat. While Mingfa’s B boys were at the car park, Michael had a very long talk with them there. Since we were lacking of players, we did not play proper games and with around four players on each side, it drained off energy fast.

In fact, I was already tired when Mingfa arrived since I went down early for the CCA. In order to set good example for the newbies, I did proper digging and bend my knees. With injuries, I could not hang on. Partly, it could be due to dehydration, because some people did not bother to bring their own water bottles down.

At the end of the night, I almost could not walk. Some of Mingfa’s students were lazy and selfish. Even when you asked them to help to keep the net which all of us had a part to use it, they pretended to be deaf. What were you trying to imply when your senior asked you over to help out other seniors, and you simply came over and stood besides the working parties to chat?

Or rather, I would say that none of them had initiative.

Even though human beings are not perfect, character is the most important factor; because even with knowledge, skill and wealth, you are nothing but a rascal without good character.

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