Yu Dan’s Confucian theory (于丹论语心得)

Recently, I have been catching the lecture room show “百家讲坛” on Channel U called “于丹论语心得”, which means Yu Dan’s Confucian theory.

For two thousands years, Confucian theory has been the mainstream school of thought among people in East Asia, such as China, Japan, and South Korea. It teaches us the most basic of life.

Professor 于丹 (Yu Dan) is from Beijing Normal University. As mentioned from other websites, after her unique way of analyzing the ancient Chinese classic of The Analects before a TV audience, she shot to fame almost overnight. Sales of her book surpassed one and a half million within forty days of publication. Its readers ranged from teenagers to senior citizens, and people from all walks of lives, including housewives.

Confucius’ teaching is what I have been seeking for, however, not anyone will have the exact concepts of thinking as the great wise man who died thousands years ago. What I have been longing for is a short and simple explanation of the teaching, not to be exactly the same, but of certain similarities. Professor Yu Dan’s understanding and analysis of the Confucian theory seems to be the most ideal so far.

The seven chapters of the lecture room show are:
1. 天地人之道 – Theory of nature
2. 心灵之道 – Inner soul
3. 处世之道 – Dealing with things
4. 君子之道 – Gentleman
5. 交友之道 – Making friends
6. 理想之道 – Dreams
7. 人生之道 – Life
(English descriptions are just draft, translated by myself, and therefore may not be accurate)

The seven video clips in MMS format (loads WMV files on entering):








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