Disgrace to the Country

Seriously, you have to have a good character more than doing well in studies and sports. It does not matter whether you are a scholar or even going to represent your country in any kind of sports, you are simply a thrash without character.

Frankly speaking, if you are a scholarship holder or a national representative, and yet you behave like a bitch, you are simply a disgrace to the country.

If someone is treating you with kindness and yet you repay with a jerky kind of attitude, you ought to be placed in the zoo, and perhaps, it would be an insult to the animals.

Dozed Off

I missed four straight episodes of “新醉打金枝” on channel 8. The first three times were due to reservist; and hours ago, I dozed off right before the fourth one started.

The exhaustion was far too unbearable for a lost guy.

The road breaks off right in front of the door. Each path leads to unknown destination. The snow has covered the roads and it seems to take forever to clear.

Volleyball after Reservist

After missing two sessions of volleyball game, I finally got to get back to the court again. I was, however, hesitating to leave the house; there were too many things to do and I was just too tired.

Sleepiness took control over me and I felt doped. This evening, there were another team who came over. Without properly warm-up, I started into the game and was caught in embarrass situation where I lost points during spiking. After the first game, Mingfa mentioned about Edison Chen and until then I realised Shengli was among the team; that described how sleepy I was. Like usual, when there were too many people, I would play as libero even when I was ready to float in the air and itch for more spiking.

The game ended late. Supper was at East Coast Park’s Hong Kong Café again. It happened like all other time that they served wrong food again. However, I had to admit that the food was quite tasty even though I always took only the same few dishes.

On the way home, Mingfa took over Wilson’s car. They advised me to take up driving again and I really hoped to do it except that money was too big an issue. Unlike any of my friends, there was a big burden on my shoulder.

Second Time to Changi Airport Terminal 3

It was my second trip to Changi Airport Terminal 3. The first time was together with Weitat, Mingfa and Mingli when they knew I had not been there since the official opening during January. We had Popeye and it was quite a great night after shopping at Chinatown during the Chinese New Year period.

Two days ago, I made my lonely trip down to the Terminal 3 by train after work. I dragged on my feet in my exhaustion upon the returning from reservist a day before. I had Popeye again. Departure was usually an unbearable session. I had far worse experience than that.

Time Race

I hate the fact that weekends always end so soon. Every Friday evening is almost wasted for the exhaustion, but I would struggle till the next morning still. I always start off Saturdays in the afternoon, but the tiredness drag me down on my work. During evening, it is time for volleyball and then I would reach home the next morning after having dinner. As I continue to struggle through the early morning with my work, I begin the next day late again, and it is not long before the new week begins.

Time has proven me that I can never win the race, at least not for now. I need to eliminate all the distractions.

Speechless Again

We grow older and drift away further. It is not time that separates us but my own isolation. You progress to learn and merry around each day; while in the other side of the earth a lonely guy is just trying to survive.

You are the most elegant woman in this world. You smile a freezing strike on my heart, you joke a century of memory in my mind.

It is so fascinating that two people can stand face to face in a group and not talking at all. I cannot help it but to give in to fate.

51 to 05, Do You Still Want Your Ferrari?

For the past few days, it was not even half as relaxing as what I had expected. The mental stress was a torment. I was one of the most “unluckiest” ones because most of them basically did not need to do anything.

I slept at almost any time of the day but not for longer than a few minutes. It was a tough job manning the radio. Given time to rest properly, though at uncomfortable position, my insomnia played with me and the mosquitoes tried to molest me. I was so unprepared because I was told that I would probably be in the air conditioner room.

Anyway, it was a good experience. Though I was not briefed of what I was doing and practically I still could not figure out the entire exercise, it was interesting at times. The jokes in the seriousness filled the boringness at times.

Again, what I had benefited most was to be able to make more new friends – Hin Fatt, Adrian and Benjamin.


The treatment for reservist and national service personnel differ too much.

Life was not that bad after all. A pity for it was not a weekday and I could not get to see other officers.

I did not expect to have to stay in but the fact is that there is outfield the next week. After all, it should not be very bad since I’m given a day off.

The most troubling thing is what to bring to entertain myself throughout the four-days exercise which is supposed to very slack I hope.