Phone Scam

Some types of crimes are repeatedly broadcasted in news or special documentary shows but people still fall to the tricks.

We cannot blame the elderly for not watching television or not remembering the scam. Perhaps, those scammers are resorting to very despicable methods to con the poor people. The power of love sometimes does cause harm.

On Thursday (31 January 2008), my mum suddenly called me during office hour to check me out. After work, I realised someone have called her earlier on and was in a very soft and sorry tone, addressing her as “ah ma” (grandma in Chinese). My mum was usually naïve, but managed to put down the phone immediately.

Luckily, just a moment before she received the call, our neighbour had received a strange call from an unknown person, telling her that her son was in trouble, and someone was crying in the background. My neighbour was old but alert. She told the person she had no child and that person scolded her in Cantonese vulgarity before putting down the phone. After which, this neighbour quickly called my mum to inform her of the scam.

This group of shameless and stupid scammers were trying too hard to play this “trial and error” trick, and probably was targeting the entire neighbourhood. If the owner of the house was not calm enough, he or she might be fooled and would probably have to fork out large sum of savings to “redeem” his or her child from “loan shark” or for “medical bill”.

Anyway, the funny thing is that my mum has no grandson yet. Nice try, losers!

It would be good if everyone can inform the elderly at home about such scams. If possible, pretend to fall for the trick and call the police immediately after putting down the phone. Let all the bastards be caught.

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