There is Backstabbing Everywhere

During primary school, I already knew that not all teachers had good character and passion for teaching.

It takes lots of passion to stay on to the job because of the stress; but to those without passion, the salary can easily wage off everything. However, there are some rare cases of old teachers who obviously have attitude problems and no passion, and it takes quite long for their pay to increase, and they have no choice but to stay on the job since they are old.

What normal people would expect is only the knowledge of the teacher, but I always think character is the most crucial factor. To me, character is more important than studies; and thus, a teacher should be of a good character rather than knowledge.

For anyone who has working experience in an office job, he would certainly see or face some sorts of office politics, regardless of private sector, government sector or even the army. It is all about colleagues trying to kill one another for promotion or just simply to make things go his ways – for money or pride.

A teacher is deemed as a role model of the students. Therefore, you would probably be thinking that those who work inside the staff room are all saints. Nevertheless, due to greed, arrogance or jealousy, a person may easily lose his dignity and righteousness.

The world is cruel after all. Mr. Confucius has taught us not to be involved in fights, but often, we just cannot avoid hypocrites from backstabbing us. We may not be involved in the promotion or pay raise competition and we may be very polite and friendly to every colleague, but somehow, some of them may be jealous due to salary difference.

It becomes so sad when someone is trying his best to help all the students, spending extra time out of class, treating everyone with respect and smiles, offering helps whenever possible, yet being stabbed badly.

What will he feels if one day he realises the backstabber is someone who always chit-chat with him in the office like a buddy? What can he do if the backstabber is someone whom he has never chatted with? Whatever the case, the hardest thing to get over is the fact that some assholes are actually showing bad examples to the future generation.

This society is simply too frightening.

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