Determination’s Pros and Cons

Determination is one of the greatest attributes to success. We put behind all difficulties and set aside the unwillingness to strife on; we say no to failure and refuse to abide to hardship.

However, in the midst of our struggle, we should learn to realise that dramas are usually fantasizes of human beings, and that not all heroes get what they deserve in real life; we should understand and face the fact that not all determination leads to success to avoid disappointments.

Since being determined does not necessary lead to success, why do we even want to try in the first place?

If we try, we may fail; but if we do not try at all, we are bound to fail. Success due to luck is exceptional and we should never depend on it.

Initially, we need to justify the purpose.

My staying up late each night to finish up works seems heroic. Nobody can stay up till daylight after brain has completed shut down severe times that determination has made miracle; however, having such bad sleeping habit is really harmful to the body, thus, the contradiction.

Sometimes, we do not have a choice.

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