Difference between Stingy and Thrifty

Growing up is all about spending more money. The biggest difference is that when we are young, we are spending parents’ money; when we get older, we are spending our own money.

There are just too many fortunate people living around me who can never understand the fears. We simply belong to different groups, or rather, different classes; of course, I’m in the lower class.

It requires some standard of income stability to be able to afford a meal which cost over two hundreds dollars for a Valentines’ Day dinner. Be it whatever annual event which can only be celebrated once a year, you will not even think about celebrating it if you are having financial difficulties.

Financial freedom includes when you can survive even without working; that is you do not need to contribute any money to the family, and you do not need to repay any loan at this point of time and in near future. For example, if you are the only child, you need not necessary purchase your own house in future even though you may wish to get one; you do not have the burden.

If you have not experienced facing long lasting financial crisis before, you will never understand the meaning of poverty. Since then, your mentality of spending money would differ from the very poor ones.

Most people understand the concept of “saving for the rainy days” but not many can execute it well. The poor ones definitely have greater determination, especially those rare ones who have experienced “raining for donkey years” after doing their best to save up; they greatly appreciate their own efforts. The feeling is definitely different from spendthrifts who face sudden debts.

We should thrash out between stingy and thrifty. Stingy is a negative value, which is often deemed as excess scrimping, but is never a crime; whereas thrifty is definitely a good one. A stingy person is a person who is self-centred, whereas a thrifty person simply eliminates unnecessary expenditure but will spend whatever is required. A person who spends little on his own stuffs and causes his own sufferings, yet is willing to spend on others, is definitely more than a thrifty person. If you want to be respected, activate your little brain to analyse before you make comments because it can be discouraging and hurting.

I never want to grow up because of the heavy responsibilities. We each shoulders different weights.

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