Nobody Reads Me

Why must you prove them that they are right?

Out of so many people, all you can get is me? I have already told you of my stand and taught you what you can do, what is it that you do not understand about? I do not wish to fall off with my old buddies even though we often have different thinking. It is just a few more months that I must survive and I really hope there will not be any crap again.

What you are doing is simply killing me indirectly. If you want me to lead the fight in a war, I will not leave my men alone in the frontier. So this day, I have to struggle with the pain after moving near eighty CPUs to the door and some of the big bulky monitors too. Not to forget I have said I have a long term back injury.

I’m working so quickly because time does not spare me any grant. You simply get me just because I’m more easygoing and helpful, not considering the fact that there are others who can easily leave the place so early while I have to struggle till the end each day and sometimes even have to battle at home.

You leave me being mocked that my helpfulness is retribution, and also carve suspicious into everyone’s silent laughers that I have been kind just for the sake of a bloody machine which you ought to get me since more than three months ago.

I cannot simply yell “Fuck you moron!” to every friend who misunderstand that I’m doing every kind deed just for show and with deep motive. It takes nobody to understand me and to realise how strong my philosophy to aid the needy is. And so, no matter what I’m going to say, it is bloody useless all because of you.

You make me look more like a fool. I’m soft but it only shows to others how simpleminded I am and that anyone can easily con me.

You simply make me want to stay at home everyday to avoid more disasters. You make me want to hide in a corner and switch off all mobile connections so that nothing more will befall me.

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