Take Responsibilities for Ourselves

So much for the hatred for being sick, it never fails to dwell on me every couple of months.

My body is too weak. I cannot stand cold or take “heaty” food. I’m never as healthy as what you see in appearance. For my average built body, you have to be helpful and responsible in daily chores, including helping old people with carrying of items. It requires more than words can describe, and probably, it all comes naturally. However, the outer is never as important as the inner; being healthy is more important than looking healthy.

Sickness always begins with sore throat and even if I manage to get rid of it in time, flu and fever would reinforce within the next two days. The worst thing is that I do not even know how to take care of myself; I never rest early enough to recuperate and inspiration always excels when I’m not feeling well.

It is my own fault after all. We should never blame parents for giving us poor health and we should never blame government for not reducing the stress level or even blame the weather for being unpredictable and merciless. We answer for our own sufferings.

It is up to every individual to overcome all obstacles, to achieve what we want for our future.

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