Websites Dealing for the Weekends

For the past few days, and even at this point of time, I’m very busy working with websites. The amount of work pending for my completion is enormous. I owe a few people some websites, and at the same time I’m trying to maintain some sites for testing purpose.

Sitting in front of the computer, straining my brain to debug and forcing concentration on some boring repeating procedures almost caused my suicidal.

Nevertheless this is what I prefer to do, and that I did make some achievements somehow, for instance, on design and implementation of features. The hands-on on a couple of new stuffs were good experience. I need to release some of my energy for new input of knowledge, open myself up and explore more.

The “Quit Smoking” site is still on hold due to time restriction and sadly, nobody with good English can offer me any help. Besides, the programming part is also another headache. Not to forget that I still owe Gilbert another website and I hope our flames of enthusiasm has not ceased.

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