Racing Cab

I took a cab just now because I overslept. I could not remember when was the last time I was this rush that I had to donate to the money-sucking cab companies but it was definitely long ago and perhaps, this was the first time in this year.

Anyway, blame it on my sickness. The panadol like usually, would cause me drowsy for more than a day somehow. I was floating throughout the day.

I managed to get the cab near my void deck when some passengers alighted at the next block inside the car park. The driver did not know where ITE Bukit Batok was and thus, I was worrying so much that it could lead to further delay of time. Luckily, he managed to get through his friend or operator and found out it was at Bukit Batok St 21.

It was around 8.55am and I told him I was supposed to reach by 9am. He chose to take West Coast Highway instead of AYE since AYE would be more congested. He took me to a thrilling experience of a car racing and sped up to 140km/h when the road was clearer. His car was simply around a door length behind other cars when he was travelling at 120km/h. I could feel my body flying somehow throughout the journey as he changed lanes again and again.

It took fifteen minutes for him to earn eighteen dollars. Cab drivers could really make good money, except that sometimes they had to risk their lives.

Sick is the Result of Lacking of Sleep

I have been sweating for two days. The flu has totally ruined my weekdays. It is not long before I have managed to fight off another illness and I guess my body system is really weak.

I probably should not be too greedy to take heaty food and perhaps, stuffs from inside the refrigerator when I know well I get sick easily. I have not taken my temperature but I believe I’m not having any fever most of the time.

I’m feeling drowsy at times. So much for my will to fight against illness without taking any medicine since I believe my own body has the better warriors to shrink these evil pests off, it seems to take long time before my recovery. What is more stupid is that my warriors do not get stronger each time after the attacks.

After all, the most important reason I get sick so often is probably due to not having enough rest. No matter how strong a person is, he will eventually get sick if he tries sleeping less than ten hours in three days.

Environmental-Unfriendly for Environmental-Friendly

Yesterday when I was returning home after getting my lunch from Amara hotel, I met an uncle who looked like “ah beng” at the lift lobby. He disgusted me badly when he started spitting on the floor, though, by the side.

This type of uncivilised action was common but it was still very pissing, especially when the place was quite nicely done. I started flexing a little.

Inside the lift, I noticed he was holding something and a closer look at the items stunned me. He was the distributor for the recycle plastic bags.

Basically, this green life program allows all families to donate away unwanted but recyclable items like newspapers or clothes. Those second-hand goods collectors (garang guni) are not allowed to purchase anything kept inside recycle plastic bags, or otherwise, they would be fined.

The problem is that this program is supposed to be a very meaningful and thanksgiving one, and yet, the organisation has employed someone who is so environmental-unfriendly to do the job. What kind of image are they trying to give?

Awful Volleyball Again

Volleyball for the past few days were really awful especially on Thursday night because window shopping inside the court had begun once again. It was an insult and I was really disappointed with some people.

Anyway, I was totally lack of sleep and my brain was floating. I should not have wasted my time in the first place. Two nights of volleyball again was basically killing myself by taking my time off so that I had to continue with my work till near daylight to shag myself out furthermore.

It was difficult to make decisions at times due to too many constraints.

The Peace that I Have Been Seeking

My whole family have left for Hong Kong. I guess it is work, both official and personal, that make me station alone in Singapore.

Sometimes I do feel funny as well when my family members are living their lives to the fullest with all the entertainments. Maybe, the answer is that poor people can enjoy travelling as well.

For this trip, I have thrown in hundreds of dollars, partly as my mum’s birthday present.

The greatest advantage of their absence is that the electricity bill will definitely drop without the usage of air-conditioner for both rooms, especially my elder brother’s room which he switches on for long hours. Next, I will definitely be able to concentrate on my stuffs when there is no one keeps trying to tell me stories when I am busy.

Somehow, I feel weird and lonely. I suppose sleepiness is massacring the tranquillity. Better luck for the next few days!

Urgent Tasks, Greater Productivity

It was days of working late that I kept nodding in front of the computer. Lack of sleep had deprived me to walk like a zombie at times. Fortunately, I still managed to survive in front of the little kids.

I dread bearing responsibility but it is responsibility that makes me strive harder to fulfil my tasks.

When I have plentiful of time to allocate my own timing, I seem to stare into the air most of the time. I realise occasionally I do keep browsing through all the reports and statuses to keep myself away from uneasiness.

When personal work load stacks up, I begin losing control of everything.

Having lots of important and urgent tasks on hands do burn me out a lot and deepen my sleep debt, however, do increase my productivity.

I need to learn to prioritise and focus on my tasks.

Talking about fairness, it never happens in our society. I must be too soft that people tend to take me for granted.

Slow Emails

I do not like having to rush work at night because I believe I deserve my own rights to own my leisure time. However, it can be a release for me since I will not be able to touch on my personal work, which has been causing stress on me.

But somehow, having to reply lots of sensitive and formal emails is really awkward and unusual.

I really hate the fact that when someone approaches me in the midst of when I’m struggling to catch a breath, and I rather get myself suffocated than to not help, yet it turns out that I should have remained in exile.

I dread and despise being doubted.

The hurt increases when I’m being mistaken after trying so hard to please everyone, especially when I’m so sure that I have given much more effort than anyone else.

It is stupid that things often turn out bad.

Do you realise by now why I’m so slow at times when I’m replying emails? I take too much precaution in every word and detail, such that, the hurt due to negligence can be minimised.