Home Alone for Five Nights

My elder brother left Singapore again last Saturday night. It is probably not a very good job even though he gets to go overseas every month to gain new experience; at any place, it is the people which matter the most.

My entire family including my elder brother’s girlfriend will be going to Hong Kong on 24th till 29th April 2008 and therefore this year, I will not be celebrating her birthday on the day itself – 25th.

I will be alone for five consecutive nights, which I have not yet tried before.

There is high chance which I will die of starvation or even stink to death because I’m so lazy that I will not even go downstairs to buy my own meal or cook my own instant noodle, and that my stinky clothes will be left on the bucket for the days. When my family get back, the smelly clothes will be added on.

On the first night, I would be return with my ultra stinky volleyball gear, which will definitely penetrate through the entire house.

I definitely need maids.

As far as the public is concern, everyone knows how easygoing I am and therefore there will never be any problem working for me. I only need massager, cook, dishwasher, clothes washer, sweeper and probably someone to switch off the electricity after I doze off accidentally. Once again, I repeat, I’m very easygoing. No experience is required as anyone can learn on the spot.

To apply for being my free maid, please kindly email me your particulars and pictures.

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