Insertion of Extra File by Webhost

For the past few months, I was very irritated by the relocation of my personal homepage on load. On Technorati and Google search, the title “Relocate” was displayed instead of my original scripted title. Since I did not make any changes before that, the problem was unpredictable.

I checked on my domain host to confirm that I did not make any changes within that period of time as well. I made adjustments in the setting of my webhost, to include and exclude certain services but none was helpful enough.

Last week, I took a random check in the webhost directory and found an extra file “at_domains_index.html” among the long list of my HTML files in the root directory. The web server had added in this extra file without informing me.

The crucial thing was that the server was loading that file instead of “index.html”, which I believed it was configured by their administrators; meaning that it should not happen in other webhosts.

This unprofessional work by the webhost could actually cause big lost if it had happened to any money-making sites by causing lost of Google Pagerank.

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