Slow Emails

I do not like having to rush work at night because I believe I deserve my own rights to own my leisure time. However, it can be a release for me since I will not be able to touch on my personal work, which has been causing stress on me.

But somehow, having to reply lots of sensitive and formal emails is really awkward and unusual.

I really hate the fact that when someone approaches me in the midst of when I’m struggling to catch a breath, and I rather get myself suffocated than to not help, yet it turns out that I should have remained in exile.

I dread and despise being doubted.

The hurt increases when I’m being mistaken after trying so hard to please everyone, especially when I’m so sure that I have given much more effort than anyone else.

It is stupid that things often turn out bad.

Do you realise by now why I’m so slow at times when I’m replying emails? I take too much precaution in every word and detail, such that, the hurt due to negligence can be minimised.

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