Urgent Tasks, Greater Productivity

It was days of working late that I kept nodding in front of the computer. Lack of sleep had deprived me to walk like a zombie at times. Fortunately, I still managed to survive in front of the little kids.

I dread bearing responsibility but it is responsibility that makes me strive harder to fulfil my tasks.

When I have plentiful of time to allocate my own timing, I seem to stare into the air most of the time. I realise occasionally I do keep browsing through all the reports and statuses to keep myself away from uneasiness.

When personal work load stacks up, I begin losing control of everything.

Having lots of important and urgent tasks on hands do burn me out a lot and deepen my sleep debt, however, do increase my productivity.

I need to learn to prioritise and focus on my tasks.

Talking about fairness, it never happens in our society. I must be too soft that people tend to take me for granted.

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