The Peace that I Have Been Seeking

My whole family have left for Hong Kong. I guess it is work, both official and personal, that make me station alone in Singapore.

Sometimes I do feel funny as well when my family members are living their lives to the fullest with all the entertainments. Maybe, the answer is that poor people can enjoy travelling as well.

For this trip, I have thrown in hundreds of dollars, partly as my mum’s birthday present.

The greatest advantage of their absence is that the electricity bill will definitely drop without the usage of air-conditioner for both rooms, especially my elder brother’s room which he switches on for long hours. Next, I will definitely be able to concentrate on my stuffs when there is no one keeps trying to tell me stories when I am busy.

Somehow, I feel weird and lonely. I suppose sleepiness is massacring the tranquillity. Better luck for the next few days!

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